Arts 4 Learning Sept 27, 2018 7-10PM

The Arts 4 Learning Fundraiser will be held on International Coffee Day at All Day in downtown Miami. The event will feature 6 local artists on the mezzanine of the shop. A printed compilation book of the artists exhibited will be for sale at the event, with proceeds going to the Arts 4 Learning charity.

Tickets for the event include music, food, drinks and a chance to win an art piece exhibited at the event. Purchase your tickets here!

Erotisimo Sept 28, 2017 6-10PM

 An art show about sex from the female perspective. Curated by Helen Pena, of Miami based collective (F)empower.

“ (F)empower was created for you, inspired by you and exists because of you. so that the girls who have decided that our art matters enough to share it with the world, can connect and grow together and, ultimately, change what it’s like to be a femme in south florida.”



The Care Package July 17, 2017 6PM-12AM

Being abroad doesn’t mean to be distant. Maybe, physically, my leg muscles are not moving in the protests with others, my feet are not getting tired, nor my voice wears thin or my lungs get filled with tear gas… Nonetheless aside from ‘geographies’, tears and preoccupations become corporeal, the impotency and pain, rage and frustrations are physically manifested and not even physical distance makes them disappear.

To be abroad does not mean I don’t worry about those who are living the problems of a savage and corrupt government, almost soulless, that the only thing it brings is more preoccupations and misery, not only to those who are present, but for those of us who come from there, and even those who have created ties with Venezuela in forms of friendships or direct experiences.

For those of you who are not familiar with the situation, and the reason of this words, Venezuela is and has being suffering in the hands of a tyranny – assuming that I’m not at fault of putting such descriptive adjective. Eighteen years ago, is when this changes started to happen. Throughout 15 or 16 years of those 18, we have seen and lived injustice, attacks to our physical integrity and violations to the social and economic well being of the country and its inhabitants. 15 years is the time that the country has been torn apart and that justice and human rights have been totally ignored.

Not from abroad, nor from inside, It’s easy to see this happen in front of your eyes, like if it were a nightmare or a bad horror film. A country that had it all, and still has it, but in the wrong hands.

Without exception, and regardless of where we live and stand, we all want a change and we want to put an end to this exacerbated inhumanity. We want to recuperate and rebuild our country and it is of paramount importance that we remember that we all have the power of doing so, and that everyone can do it in the best way they can. It is for this reason that we have decided not to only speak about it but act upon. Know that this comes from young people in Miami, and not only from Venezuelans. Know that we stand in solidarity with adults, young people and children who will become the future of the country, and with those who are currently there. For the heroes that walk Venezuelan streets, know that you’re not alone.

“The Care Package – VZLA ” is a pop up Art show with the goal of raising funds to send basic supplies such as food, clothing and, medicine, for the people, particularly for the children in Caracas, Venezuela. In this event, that will take place in June, the funds will be used to purchase a list of needed medical supplies and then sent to La Sociedad Venezolana de Pedriatría (Venezuelan Pediatric Association), who will take care of distributing the items. “The Care Package – VZLA” also aims to raise awareness, from Miami, about the ongoing humanitarian disaster in Venezuela to an international community.

-Curator Sofia Dotta