Solange Sarria

Solange Sarria is an interdisciplinary artist and salon owner of Sodada Salon. She studied painting and sculpture at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, working with a long list of mediums; oil, watercolor, ink, metal smithing, mold making, wood and ceramics.

After a short academic break in order to gain financial independence by achieving her Cosmetology license, Sarria continued her studies at Florida International University.  Inspired by her new career as a salon owner and hairstylist, she received her BFA with a focus in assemblage sculpture.

Using found objects to create visual sentences allows Sarria the ability to work within a variety of mediums, problem solving their harmonious connections in an improvisational manner, streaming from her subconscious mind.

‘As she continues to grow into her artistic practice, Sarria aims to explore the legitimacy of our own constrained standards of beauty… (she) uncovers the artificiality inherent in the modern beauty industry and turns it on its head.’

Martinez, Nicole. “100 Creatives: Solange Sarria Finds Art In The Beauty Industry.” The Miami New Times. 20 DEC. 2016. Web. 22 May 2017.


The beauty industry has a way of making you hate yourself. It shoves objectified ideals in your face every minute of your waking life. My work began as a study of its imposed gender roles that are magnified at the expense of our emotional psyche. It has since evolved into the consideration of artificiality as an expression of identity. Do I want to appear as socially conservative or dramatically unpredictable, mousey and submissive or fearlessly dominating? The consumer market dictates our human condition, leaving the individual as bait. My art practice aims to expose the perceived ‘dysmorphia’ and turmoil that one faces when determining their aesthetic voice within a complex system of supply and demand.

The series Dysmorphia, is made up of assemblage sculpture. The process involves collecting objects as a direct subconscious impulse that I then arrange.

From a vintage metal eggbeater to brightly colored synthetic hair, these arrangements require something hard and metallic to be paired with something delicate and soft, mirroring the polarity of sexual identity­­ that exists within the beauty industry.

The final compositions appear as various personalities reflecting the malleability of self-identity, in an attempt to detract the ‘ugly’ with the beautiful or create ‘pretty’ through ugly measures.





































































In participation with Vizcaya Museum & Garden’s CAP Lab program, FIU Fine Art students were invited to conceptualize site-specific projects for exhibition in Vizcaya’s Village. Students used the century long running exhibition, ‘Lost Spaces and Stories of Vizcaya’ as inspiration to consider historic and modern art practices.

The Backstage Performance

The fantasy winter home known as Vizcaya Museum and Gardens required an entire staff to upkeep the grounds and tend to the guests that frequented James Deering’s estate. The staff resided across the street in The Village, supporting the production that is Vizcaya. Considering Vizcaya as a production, one can imagine that the staff emulated stagehands.

In reminiscence of the support his staff provided his guests, I directed a Backstage Performance at The Farm Quad in The Village. The performance reenacted a hair and makeup station where actors are prepped before they appear on stage.

Objects used included a fabricated mirror, vanity, hair and makeup tools, 2-3 stools, 5 Spot Lights. The Team consisted of Director & Lead Hairstylist Solange Sarria, Lead Makeup Artist Mariana Pineda, Assistant Hair Eva Taiibi, Assistant Makeup Heannys Denis, and Photographer Pati Laylle.

The Performance depicted complete1920’s Hairstyle and Makeup Sessions on 2 models each by Solange Sarria and Mariana Pineda. Guests of the opening night enjoyed mini hairstyle and makeup sessions with the team assistants. Guests chose between Slicked Hair, Finger Waves, Pencil Thin Eyebrows or Heart Shaped Lips.